When using dynamic_cast in Visual C++ 6.0

Dynamic cast is normally used to cast an object of derived type to the base type when the classes are polymorphic type (they contain virtual functions and method over riding).

#include <assert.h>

class CBase



virtual ~CBase();

virtual void MyFunction() { cout<<“Base”; }


class CDerived : public CBase




void MyFunction() { cout<<“Derived”; }


int main()


CBase* Base = new CDerived();

CDerived* Derived = dynamic_cast<CDerived*>(Base);


delete Base;

return 0;


Although the code is perfectly legal, in VS 6.0, the compiler will throw a warning

“dynamic_cast’ used on polymorphic type ‘class CBase’ with /GR-; unpredictable behavior may result”.

And if you ignore the warning and run the program, you will get an exception thrown at the line of dynamic cast.

This is because the VC++ 6.0 compiler is not using the feature of Runtime type Information (RTTI).
To enable RTTI, go to Project–>Settings–>C/C++ and in the Category combo box, select C++ Language. Now enable the check box “Enable Runtime type Information (RTTI)”.

Now compile the program and run it.

If you call Base->Myunction() and Derived->MyFunction(), you will get result as “Derived” and it is quite expected.

If you try to dynamic cast a base class to derived class, with the above option, the compiler won’t show any warning, but the result will be NULL. (Note the assert statement in the code). So be careful to cast only the right type.

Instead, if you use the following code snippet,

CBase* Base = new CBase();

CDerived* Derived = static_cast<CDerived*>(Base);




delete Base;

the code will compile and run successfully. But the result will be “Base” for both calls.

static_cast does not employ any kind of run time type checking.

dynamic_cast has that overhead, but it is safer.


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  1. Sky says:

    It helps, thank you

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